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Valentine's Day

Treat your valentine to something unique this year.

Come Visit!

3115 West Parker Rd

Suite #550

Plano, Texas


Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm

Sat: 10am - 4pm

Sun: Closed

Gift Specials for Your Valentine

B _12 Iced Decorated

Decorated Iced

Gift Box of 6



Gift Box of 12

Petits Fours.png

Petits Fours

Gift Box of 4


Gift Box of 12


6 Cupcakes 2


Gift Box of 6


Gift Box of 12


Cherry Pie.png

Cherry Crumble Pie



C_St. Valentine's Assortment 1

Cupid's Assortment

Gift Box of 12


J_Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip

Gift Box of 12


N_Vanilla Thumbprint

Vanilla Thumbprint

Gift Box of 12



Oatmeal Fruit

Gift box of 12


L_Red Velvet Cookie

Red Velvet

Gift Box of 12


Double Chocolate Fudge Cookie

Double Chocolate Fudge

Gift Box of 12


valentine cookies

Delicious creations prepared
“the hard way”

This charming family sweet shop opened in 2011 in the popular north Texas town of Plano. Vicki does her own baking — cookies, pies, petíts fours, cupcakes, cobblers, teacakes, and homemade fudge. Most of the recipes are originals Vicki has created from her years of baking from scratch. Real butter, real cream, whole fresh eggs, and other high-quality ingredients are the basis of the delicious creations Vicki prepares “the hard way” — just like your grandma did!

Choc Chip.png
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